9 July 2017

Drunk Man Falls Down and Hits His Head On the Road

Spotted a man trip and fall near home today. Drunk. Looked like he hit his head. I stopped to see if there was anything I could do for him.

We chatted for a spell as he lay there in the middle of the road getting his shit together. I did my best to assess just how fucked up he was as we did so. He was plenty fucked up.

"I'm going to my girlfriend's," he explained. "She is going to suck me dusty. Dusty as a Cariboo dirt road."

"Think she'll do me too?" I asked.

He tried to focus on me, somewhat successfully, when I asked him that.

"Fuck, yes," he concluded. "She'll blow a God damn corpse if she's paid to."

People drove slowly by, others peered from their windows or their well kept lawns, no one offered to help.

I helped the old boy up. He brushed himself off. He thanked me for my assistance.

Drunks, I again observed, are one fuck of a lot nicer than most people.

The drunk aimed himself towards his blow job and slowly propelled himself forward.

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