3 June 2017

We Played the Game Different This Election

When I am on the road doing the face to face thing with my fellow citizens (and pending citizens - they need listening to as much as anybody - the very concept of citizenship is nothing but government bullshit meant to keep our doomed planet in a constant state of hate and war) I have a few favourite people I like to do it with. They are all a different colour than me and speak at least one other language I cannot.

I interact with the mostly long established white folk. "I know! Isn't she a fucking cunt!"

My partner interacts with Canadians just having got themselves established or on their way to having done so. If they mix a few English words into their conversation, which is customary, I have a fair idea what they are talking about. "Jabber. jabber. Jabber cunt. Jabber, jabber."

All my repeat voter contact partners and I are from left of Pluto. Our party's 2017 campaign was right up our alley. No middle class bullshit - all working class bullshit. We were in our element.

We all noticed something had changed this year and we changed our approach because of it. We were no longer looked at as being white or not white on the door step. Our superficial differences had been set aside by people, for good I'll bet, so we began interacting with people fully in unison. It was much more fun.

I knew we would get there one day Canada. You are fucking awesome! People united by utilitarianism - the most good for the most people - coupled with a desire not to be fucked with by rich people, can never be divided.

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