8 June 2017

Cheap Trick and Bile

The great thing about the introduction of fucking CDs, a music format I did not buy until around ten years ago (when they were on their way out) (if they are on their way out), is I am still discovering really lovely music from the twenty year period I would not have them in my house.

My feelings for CDs in those days mirror what you think of that dink Trump. Recently I found a Cheap Trick "Music For Hangovers" 2002 Live CD still in its shrink wrap. The price tag told the whole story - $28.99. The morons (just about everybody) who paid that kind of money for even a great little CD like that one ought to have had their fucking heads examined with a god damn shot gun.

Another cool recent CD find is Bile's 1994 "Suck Pump." Top drawer no compromise NYC rock and fucking roll. It is the band's first. There are several more I simply must have. I shall be listening to "Ura Fucking Loser" when Christy Clark tells us, "Now I know how Margaret Thatcher felt," as the knives meet their mark and get twisted.


Scotty on Denman said...

Christy's been trying to get out in front of a parade---too bad for her it's actually the funeral procession of her political career; but, from the only vantage she knows or cares about, it's hard for her to tell; or, put another way, it's easy for her to presume too much: she's already declared that she expects to lose parliamentary confidence, and boasted she's ready and would be only too happy to assume the leadership of the official Opposition. Her own party might have something to say about that.

In any case, once the BC Liberals lose their ability to prevent forensic assessment of their public book-keeping, it might be immaterial whether they have a one-seat or a two-seat deficiency. Meanwhile, Christy seems to be talking out-of-school lately with her raggedy-math-ass Site-C rationalizations and nine-digit rounding errors. Cite "see."

Reckon Christy will hang on with all the tenacity of an ALIEN turbot, possibly even by nominating herself Speaker. Like a full retreat Hutu general, she sees her Tutsi-gap in an election---anything to forestall that forensic comeuppance.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Clark's resurgent snarkiness further reinforces the impression most of our province has of both her party and herself we had crystallized for us in the Linda encounter.