10 May 2017

On BC's 2017 Election

I did not get out of the count in the poll I was assigned to scrutineer on election night until after 9:00 PM. The poll, one of a couple I had pulled the vote out of all day, had voted overwhelming for my candidate, one of many I had assisted this time around, accounting for half the margin of victory. It was just one of many instances to make clear to everyone what a difference your own personal efforts can make when you both vote and lend a hand to something you believe in.

Lucky for me there was a pub in the middle of my immediate area of concern. A pub I had never been in before. A stand alone pub - not a mini-mall in sight. Right smack in the middle of a residential area - where pubs are meant to be located. They all know me there now.

"Back again already Mr. NDP?"

"Same again Mr. NDP?"

"You're not driving are you Mr. NDP?"

"Come back soon Mr. NDP."

I did not stick around for the Victory party like I usually do. Would have needed a hotel room if I had done that. I instead returned home to Sonja and a bottle of Lohin McKinnon I had purchased for the occasion. My first experience with this whisky distilled in Surrey. Given the night's results a more appropriate choice I could not have made.

(Great fucking whisky it is too. Every home whisky bar would be improved by its presence.)

Stayed up until midnight, when it became clear the final results of this general election would not be known for a couple weeks.

I am proud of my union's, fellow workers' and my own participation. Was not quite the result we had worked for. Was not quite the result I had expected. I will tell you one thing though: the bruises one absorbs in a fight do not hurt quite so much when you know you have hit your opponents hard and often for a full fifteen rounds. I look forward to our short term future and cannot wait to get back in the gym and back in the street looking for political danger.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Beer, The Surrey whisky sounds good...will have to try some soon. And to celebrate the NDP resurgence on the central and mid island, the Shelter Point distillery makes a fine product (sampling it as I type)