13 April 2017

A Picket Line On the Side of the Highway

On the way home from the sawmill today I stopped by a picket line at the side of the highway. The rain, stopped for a brief spell, was puddled everywhere and sparkling the reflection of the sun upon one and all. Was not warm enough to shut down the strikers' many propane fires but it was warm enough to put smiles on just about everybody's face.

I asked why they had downed tools.

"Motherfuckers want cut our benefits in half and strip everybody's seniority," I was told by one of  several wet women who were standing amid a sea of wet men.

Same fucking corporate demands the miners on Texada fought off over the winter.

Corporation they are striking against is called Bimbo, which, I am pretty sure, is Spanish for fucking parasites.

Lots of people honked as they sped by the picket line. If you have a couple minutes stop by and tell them how you appreciate them fighting the good fight, the fight workers of the world are always ready fight one day longer than the fucking boss.

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Roy McC said...

Thank you brother Beer .... we're still out there fighting for our jobs ... life ... and all the others not able to fight ... thanks for the support .. to all ... come out and have a tongue wag ... Knotttty