12 February 2017

Pick A Team 2017

You probably know I am something of an election geek. Live for it I do. Lot of shit hitting the fan considering we are still two months away from the campaign proper if you ask me. You may have noticed it is the Liberal Party and its leader's face where most of the shit is being blown. It is lovely but I am not reading a fucking thing into it. Working for the traditional underdog prevents me from taking joy in anything happening until the final results trickle in.

It is not about being looked upon favourably. It is not about your opponents' momentum or lack thereof. It is about playing every minute of the game until the final whistle, the final out. It is about winning and it is about losing, motherfuckers.

Hunter S. Thompson was right: "In a democracy, you have to be a player." Game's on. Find yourself a fucking team.


JustFrankie said...

Ha! Is this near Steepleton?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

1. Looks like a Steepleton political rally to me.
2. Toronto is close to Steeepleton like the White House is close to the Kremlin.
3. Therefore punk will never die. Never die! Never die!