11 February 2017

Jackass Number One and Jackass Number Two

In a democracy, you have to be a player. - Hunter S. Thompson

I was wondering what the people of Canada are thinking about now they all know they elected us yet another fucking jackasshole Prime Minister as I drank the first of many after work Friday beers. I was hoping the guy who sat down at the only empty barstool beside me might have something to say about the subject but he had other things on his mind.

"Had a hundred bucks on the Canucks game last night. Figured the BJs would beat them silly," he said as he got to work on his own beer.

"Fucking Canucks!" I agreed. "Always on the fucking lookout for new fucking ways to piss a fucking guy off."

He drank. I drank. Everybody drank their beer.

Soon it was six. There was no hockey on tv so the news was on. The sound was muted, thank Jesus Fucking Christ, but Christy Clark's pouty face could be seen blubbering away.

"She has to go!" my drinking buddy spat. "She makes me want to puke every time I see or hear her. She's got as much shit between her ears as that Trudeau motherfucker."

If my bar stool poll taught me anything it was only there was lots of company to be found at the bottom of the popularity pool.

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Lenin's Ghost said...

As an avid south park fan. The douche and the turd sandwich. Trudeau is the turd sandwich.