30 December 2016

RIP Rick Parfitt

I began writing yesterday about the 40th anniversary of my enthusiastic participation in the Punk Rock Rebellion but while researching just what day it was I saw Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Stranglers and The Adverts (my first exposure to the rock 'n' roll that was much better than pretty much everything I had been listening to up to then) I came across news of Status Quo guitarist and songwriter Rick Parfitt's death on Christmas Eve.

Rick wrote or co-wrote both my most listened to Status Quo songs: Mystery Song and Rain - both off their Blue For You album.

Status Quo were my favourite rock 'n roll band until I heard the Sex Pistols. I will be listening to them until I too die.

North America was never kind to the band so far as sales went. Deaf cunts, we are.

Thanks for the music Rick Parfitt. You were my kind of motherfucker.


Ray Blessin said...

Of all the people I am related to, been friends (or enemies) with, or worked with over the past 70 years, I can't figure out which one you are Mr. Beer.
Pretty sure you are in there somewhere though.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The finish line at Sagebrush Downs maybe?

Ray Blessin said...

Nope. Don't even know where that is. Went to Exhibition Park once around 1961. Can't remember why.
Gambling is for people who are bad at math . . . or idiots . . .

Oh, wait . . . me and a few buddies went to the big parking lot there and parked my buddy's '55 Ford Fairlane with some pretty nice Dodge Lancer hubcaps from my '56 Fairlane to catch some thieves (back in the day, hubcaps were often stolen . . . remember hubcaps?)
There was beer and I forget what happened . . . ok, nothing happened . . . . anyway . . . where was I?

Ray Blessin said...

You prolly weren't even BORN in 1961!