27 December 2016

DCFP Silver Machine - Eleven Years On

I neglected to mention it has, as of December 23rd, been 11 years since the Dope City Free Press threw its first edition in the general direction of your front door. 11 fucking years.

Content has been harder to come by without the Hammer's daily inspiration but we are managing. Other than that the only thing that has changed much is our audience.

Firstly, the audience has gotten a little larger over the years but because you have to actually read our content and not just press a play button it does not have half the audience it would if I took the DCFP down that overly trod upon path. Hell, if we just posted the occasional video of one of my dogs eating shit the DCFP would have more followers than Donald Trump.

Secondly, the fucking French have, over the past half year, overtaken our longtime second largest audience, the fucking Americans. I have no explanation for this but I like to think the heavy influence of Jerry Lewis and quality cheese on our entire writing staff may have something to do with it.

11 years is fuck all in the big picture. You needn't tell me that.

On December 28th we will be celebrating the first anniversary of Lemmy's death. He gave his whole life to rock 'n' roll and spanking young women. The rewards for writing a small electronic press are somewhat less substantial, yet no less rewarding - and we do not drink shit whisky like Lemmy did.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beer.

I reckon your third paragraph in this post should be nominated as finest/ funniest of the year.

You should freelance as a guest analysis for CNN. That would liven things up for sure.



RossK said...


There's a lot of truth in that 3rd paragraph also.


Stephanie in Vcr said...

I like shit whiskey.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Stephanie, who comments infrequently, is a longstanding reader of the DCFP. This is her best comment ever.