4 December 2016

Never Mind the Reluctance Here Comes BC's Election

There is a little reluctance in some corners to both assist in the fundraising and make the necessary effort to elect the NDP in British Columbia's election next May.

I do not fucking understand it. The time I have spent down in the street with a range of people, that includes everybody except my province's parasitic one or two per cent, this past year has taught me there is not a whole lot of love out there for the present government and their unlikeable leader. The polls tell me much of their core is still with them but that is not what I hear from a lot of people who got sucked in by Clark's Liberal bullshit a few years ago.

The election is sitting there like a moose in a half eaten field of the best marijuana on Earth waiting to the taken, motherfuckers. Get off the fucking couch and get out your credit card!

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