6 December 2016

A Walk On the Wild Side

Sonja wanted to go for a walk on Sunday but it was kind of cold. "There must be somewhere we could go!" She was sure of it.

We decided on visiting the new fucking mall near the ferry terminal. It may be the biggest indoor space around Dope City that does not charge you to get in. Loads of parking too. More than you get at sports stadiums these days.

There are numbered six entrances to the place. Very thoughtful addition that. We chose entrance number six. Just like Let's Make A Deal!

There were a lot of people there but they did not appear to be buying shit. We walked and walked. It was not until the second lap we bought a few things. Nothing big.

I noted there is a record shop. Mostly shit besides records but a record shop nevertheless. There may be hope for the world yet.

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