9 October 2016

October Song

Missed the rain I have. The wind too.
Autumns in Dope City are the motherfuckin' best!

Makes a man glad he has a home.
If he has a home, that is.

Good to have a big television too.
Sonja chose "Rocknrolla" for us

To watch in the dark last night.
Best part of the show was Lou Reed's

"The Gun" when it came on
And we waltzed the rock minuet.

Today, as I made my way along
Streets wet as an Haitian mother' tears,

I sang along to the October song of air bags exploding.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Nice to feel the wind biting your face in the rain.
Was sent by nice lady friend this morning out in the rain. Thought I was gonna walk down the block. Ended up walking about 15 blocks getting soaked after she asked for some other things via text.
Pretended to be a bit pissed about it saying I'll need a hot shower after I got back.
Got rewarded with a very memorable shower after I got back!

Gotta love this weather!

RossK said...

All that wind and rain is one more reason to have not pointed your chariot south so that you could head to that little chunk of desert that the rich people own to partake in the uber-geezer version of Coachella this weekend.

(which would have been different, of course, if they had been able to resurrect Mr. Reed, if only in holographic form)


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

LG - Chivalry rewarded! I should think you and a great many others reaped similarly pleasurable tub time.

Gazz - No need for Grandpapalooza when we have nearly as many Dope City punk rock granddaddies who need supporting right here at home. I'll be getting a report back from the show down south from my barber, which I will share, next time I see him.