10 October 2016

Glenn Gould, Waffles and Quebec Maple Syrup

Sunday morning I sometimes, not often, listen to classical music. This morning it was Glenn Gould playing Ludwig Van, Frank Liszt, Johann Bach and Joseph Haydn.

I listened from the kitchen where I was drinking my morning ration of sweet black speed and preparing scratch waffles.

Sonja listened from down the hall where she sipped strong, milky English tea. "Glenn Gould?" she asked unnecessarily.

Lou Reed had Delmore Schwartz. I have Glenn Gould.

We both had maple syrup on our waffles. From motherfucking Quebec. A Sunday decadence.

Could have bought a bottle of decent blended scotch for the same money. Ah, well. The maple syrup will last for much of winter and be just about as enjoyable.

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