17 October 2016

Hallowe'en Movie Night In Steepleton

Watched "The Shining" with Sonja. First time we had done so since the long gone days we rented both the video and the machine to play it on from the family run neighbourhood video business we were once loyal customers of.

Every performance bright, if not nearly as unexpected, as a diamond from an American politician's mouth.

We have no need to watch any further Hallowe'en fare for the scariest show of them all will be on my television in early November.


Anonymous said...

Although most remember the axe through the wall scene, "He-e-e-e-r-e's Johnnyy!!!" which echoes big man sidekick Ed McMahon's nightly introduction for Johnny Carson's walk-on entry to Tonight! with Johnny Carson, my particular favorite scene is child's ride through the hotel hallways on his Mattel Big Wheel, the low-angle point of view shot speeding and slowing as he approaches each corner, to see the ghostly twins ahead. Vroooom! goes the eponymous front wheel as he explores the halls.

Scary enough indeed.

- Jonku

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Film's scenes fit the description Lou Reed gave his songs on "Take No Prisoners" - "...there's so many favourites to choose from." If I had to choose I would go with the scene when the production of Jack's writing is discovered. A moment when everyone in the audience is forced to make the common internal discovery - that there are people more fucked up than themselves in this world.