1 September 2016

On Fentanyl On the Street

For the record, it makes no economic sense for people who sell what have come to be known as hard drugs to be killing off their customers by poisoning their product with fentanyl and other such chemicals.


Some other force appears to be at work here. A force that finds street people and their concerns very motherfucking inconvenient.

The philosophy behind the force has been around for quite some time and has become more and more dangerous as it has accumulated power: death before inconvenience to capital.


motorcycleguy said...

the BCLiberals don't want to ban pill presses...not that only one jurisdiction would make a huge difference or one couldn't make their own, but it would show interest in the matter. A lot of regulated things (like beer) have good uses that don't need regulating,. I am a pretty Macgyver-ing kind of guy and can't think of anywhere I could put a pill press to use in any one of my Rube Goldberg devices for something other than it was intended....there are more regulations and controls on axes.....just sayin'

ib said...

That the fuckers are quite prepared to annihilate the underclass is by now indisputable. No question. In return, all they ask is for your polite cooperation. They will even lower the price of a workingman's beer by a cent or less just to secure your turning the other cheek.

And guess what. They have a finely honed sense of humanity too. Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters are quite safe this time around. That's not in doubt. Their sense of balance will not be unfairly tilted at the expense of art. Intellect. It is the ungovernable that are in their sights. The retarded. The gullible.

A little slack on and off the collar is quite acceptable in return for compliance. There is always someone else lower down on the food chain. Mosquitoes will unquestionably do what they are bid.