2 August 2016

Yet Another Ode To Anne Murray

It is not a exactly a secret that I have more of Anne Murray's records than her biggest, baddest and rockin'-est fan of all had - the King himself, Elvis Presley. Cannot get enough of Canada's Queen of country music and I have missed her since she retired like a man misses his favourite dog after it has died.

I am so motherfucking lonesome I could cry.

If Anne Murray were to put her painted fingertips to her computer keyboard one night when she is feeling lonely and write a wee comment to the DCFP I would be happier than if Redneck Dumbfuck America woke up one morning to the faint sound of a banjo being played in the nearby woods and found everyone even the slightest bit not white, Christian and misled had vacated their suddenly great as fuck again nation.

I have all Anne Murray's records except for a few of her 45s and the children's music she has produced. If Sonja and I had a half a dozen children we would be like the Nova Scoctian Von Trappes we would be singing along to Anne's music so much and so well.

Recently I picked up a few sealed copies of Anne's vinyl to add to the collection. Was not like they broke the bank to buy them. Anne is the most under appreciated living national treasure on Earth. The DCFP has been trying to correct that for over ten years.

We may not have as much talent as some but what we lack in talent we try and make up for with persistence and tastelessness.

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