6 August 2016

Subhumans October 31, 1981 live in Las Vegas

Added a couple new Fellow Motherfuckers I thought I would draw your attention to.

First one is the Canadian Encyclopedia. I do so primarily for the benefit of readers who do not live in the true north, strong and free (never minding our beer swilling oh so KGB wannabe fucking secret police) country. The book is better but this is very cool. Learn why Canada is so lovable but not so lovable you would want to move here and freeze to death.

Second one is the Wayback Machine. Barely scratched the surface of this one myself but any archive that includes something as unthinkable as a listen to Dope City's Subhuman's October 31, 1981 show in Las Vegas is something you may just want to look into. Makes me wonder if there is a better quality live recording of the band that ought to be available in a record store near you.

Lots of Anne Murray too!

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G West said...

Good picks Beer...thanks