16 August 2016

BFU Advice

My Big Fucking Union put on a retirement seminar recently which I attended. The retirement coaches impressed upon everybody that preparing for your retirement is an imperative. "If you are not ready, you better get ready!" more or less summed up their punk rock message to my fellow grey beards.

I listen pretty close when the Big Fucking Union brings in people with advice. More often than not Big Fucking Union advice is good advice.

I bought some KD for the first time in maybe twenty years. It tasted good washed down with a cheap beer. I am ready to retire now, motherfuckers.


uniplmr1 said...

Look here now, I literally reside in a Dope State and am looking for union money to help me build the best fucking dope smoking resort in the world....well Amerika anyway...what a fucking unbelievably cool scene, I smoked some shit today thats 27.6 percent THC...

uniplmr1 said...

Hey Now.....I'm living in a whole Dope State now, well some cowboy counties ain't in....yet...and I want to build a marijuanea type high line resort. A magnificent chance for investors.... It will be a free dog resort as well. I got a new dog, we lost another one to old age, which gets everyone else all the other shit doesn't get, eventually.
Lilly smiles,barks and runs in circles and rolls in the grass just when I drive in the driveway
She's a good dog.

Danneau said...

Retirement: the best gig ever.
Sadly, this is not true for everyone.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Don't think I can live off KD. Price of that shit keeps going up.
Options are getting smaller all the time.
Fucking global warming! Can't even hop on an ice flow and drift away!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It was not real KD. A no name brand. Perhaps I should have been clearer. It was RD. Retirement dinner. Fortified with tomatoes, the last gasp of a bottle of salsa and a quarter cup of vegan cheese.