11 July 2016

Ever Been To Merritt?

Ever been to Merritt? And I do not mean an emergency roadside beer shit stop. I mean, have you ever really been to Merritt?

Stopped there a couple days ago to take a break from driving through a violent rain storm. Had a hamburger and a big old beer shit in the Desert Inn. Heavenly hamburger, sparkling john with Steve Earle singing in it. Fuck Tripadvisor, this here is Beershitstopadvisor.

Sun came out so I had a look around. Turns out Merritt is where a Time Machine takes you if you want to get as far away from the 21st century as possible - to the days Anne Murray was young and teeth were either not white or plain gone.

Merritt is also home to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame which you simply must visit. You can put your hands in Anne Murray's hand prints as I did.

There is also a display of Ian Tyson's hat, rope and boots. Very cool. After I looked at those three fine objects for a spell I told the two young museum staff on hand the story about Tyson smoking up Bob Dylan for the first time. Looked like they believed me. Gave me The Look young people save for '70s survivors like me in any case. Looking more than a little like Willie Nelson makes my dope stories more credible than some people's I suppose.

Us Canadian country motherfuckers have long been quick on the draw when it comes to sharing our marijuana. Fucking museum should add one of Tyson's special roll ups to the hat, rope and boots display.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Gotta give a big thumbs up to their burgers. Stopped in a few years ago while camping in the area.Far from anywhere a motor home might venture.��

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The rich are getting so rich and traffic getting so tied up I would not be surprised if RVs soon start getting dropped into remote places like your mountain hideaway by helicopter.

motorcycleguy said...

will be riding thru from Spences Bridge side this weekend on way to Falkland...used to spend a bit of time there when by road-builder buddy worked on the Coq...the cowboys dared him to enter the bull riding event..he made it 4 seconds, not bad and some good photos.. was the Grasslands for us in Merritt at that time..too many good bars burnt down now...Grasslands, Beaverdell, Keremeos Motor Inn, Time n' Place Christina Lake, Grand Forks Hotel (and the Winnipeg down the street), Mesa in Oliver, Maple Leaf in Williams Lake, Princeton Hotel...more I can't remember now.....but other than bars, there sure is a lot of good fishing and camping on the road along Chain Lakes also up Glimpse Lake way in that Merritt area....but like you said in older posts, they better watch out for refugees from the Lower Mainland...those RV's will be parked in driveways of the new subdivisions...or...condo's...I really should make time to go to the music museum