8 July 2016

Beer vs Wine

Reckon just about everyone who visits the Ogopogoland has a winery that has become a favourite of theirs over the years. I do not have one but Sonja does. I am not a wine man. Makes me fucking heave.

Quite some time ago we happened upon La Stella. They are a little high end for people with beer budgets like me. Sonja's budget is a little different from mine. I am pretty sure it is the same budget Anne Murray is on.

La Stella is so good they do not need your fucking business. Last time we were in there the tasting room looked like an English punk rock bar in 1977. Elbow to elbow we were with people who did not mind dropping cash on the proprietor like rich fuckers like dropping money in Christy Clark's handbag.

If you like Canadian wine you need look no further. If, on the other hand, you do not like Canadian wine you can fuck off.


theo said...

I am lucky Beer. Or maybe I am not. If wine made me hurl it would reduce my alcohol choices by a lot. Mind you, beer, rum, scotch, gin, cider, tequila, and rye would take up the slack I am sure. Regardless, I can’t afford to buy any of that shit in any quantity now so it is a moot point. Fortunately for me, although I am cash poor, I am rich in the single most important thing in life - friends. They keep me in good spirits.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Saskatoon berry wine and Wild Rose hip wine were parental favourites when, half a century ago, I was learnin' to drink like an Albertan.