28 June 2016

The Living and the Dead: Cohen and Bowie

Sonja helped me catch up on a couple records I should have heard the day they were released. She bought them for me as Beer Drinker's Day (aka Father's Day) gifts.

The artist who released the first one I will tell you about is still pretty much top of mind for a lot of people. David Bowie. His "Black Star" makes for a most pleasurable listen. More a jazz record than a rock 'n' roller to my ears it is. Lovely drumming in time signatures you do not hear every day and every note that comes from the saxophone, and there are lots of them, is out of sight, motherfuckers.

As a bonus "Black Star" is very nearly the length records used come to us as. A little over 40 minutes in this case. I like that.

Second one was released a couple years ago. "I don't need another record by that old cunt Leonard Cohen," I told myself convincingly when "Popular Problems" first came out. Wrong again Beer. It is one of the finest and certainly one of the most refined records in my collection. Like "Black Star" it is also more of a jazz record than a rock 'n roller.

You can probably live without "Black Star" even though it is very good. You have been depriving yourself of some of the finest Canadian music ever if you do not own "Popular Problems." Go fucking buy it.

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