28 June 2016

On England Telling Europe To Bugger Off

The Left, it must be said, ought to be honestly shouldering a great deal of the responsibility for the racist bullshit we are seeing all over the fucking place these days. Thinking primarily about the recent British referendum here but the same goes for every place else.

We have failed the working man and woman by not making their lives noticeably better in the long run. Blaming the working class for striking out at ever handy immigrants is not the right thing to do. We must work harder and smarter than ever before to raise the fortunes of workers. Two generations worth of working class neglect needs to begin being reversed right fucking now.

The gas chambers have not yet been built for the Moslems to be rounded up and exterminated in. If we cannot make socialism a preferable option it looks like that is just where we are headed and fucking soon too.

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