5 June 2016

People Who Mow Their Lawn Early On Sunday Mornings and What To Do With Them

I am an Anarchist.

I do not cut my lawn on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM no matter how hot the weather like a couple of my asshole neighbours do. Unneighbourly that is and being a good neighbour is what being a good Anarchist is all about.

Both their places, and conveniently they are side by side, back onto the base of a mountain like mine does. One day soon, in the dimness that precedes dawn, I will place an old battery powered 8-track loaded with a recording of Metal Machine Music in a tree behind their houses playing as loud as Lou Reed meant it to be played and then I will return home to sleep.

Fuck the neighbours.


Anonymous said...

I need to be on the job by 7am Monday - Friday and I'm a morning person, so 9am wouldn't be a problem here.

I remind the boy on Thursdays he needs to have the lawn done by the end of the weekend... inevitably he is always out there at 8pm Sunday evening disturbing the peace. This week was an exception as he was working for wages and somehow conned his Mother into it.

Hard to enjoy a Sunday drive as the highways and byways of the South Okanagan are littered with cyclists getting their groove on. Share-the-Road! Can't share the view as I'm afraid I'll wander onto the shoulder and mix some Campagnolo into the Cabernet.

Bill said...

Do your early starting Sunday morning lawn mowing neighbors also use hearing protection?

The birds will be chirping at dawn. The Battle of the Bands should amp up in unison.

Might start a constructive conversation.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm a morning person too. But I still think it is anti-social as fuck to make your neighbours, who all drink like lake trout, listen to you mowing your lawn before 11:00 AM on Sunday morning. We all need a few hours each week free of the deafening roar of machines.

My mom's gated community, who know a thing or two about being social, do not allow power tool use at all on Sundays between June 1st and September 15th. Saturdays, naturally, are noisier than a sawmill and an open pit mine put together.