4 June 2016

Duking It Out With Muhammad Ali

I grew up
In a house
With a basement.

A basement with a stereo,
A pool table,
A fully stocked bar,

A beer fridge
And a
Black and white television.

I spent a lot of time
In that room listening to The Who
And duking it out with

Muhammad Ali.


Anonymous said...

Saw him fight Chuvalo at the old pacific Colosseum (late 60's? Early 70's?)

Thing I will never forget is that jab he continually threw, in all his fights, every round. Looked so harmless on tv, just piling up points. In person, every one of those sounded like a pistol going off...CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! And we were way up in the blues, about as far away from the ring as you could be in that arena

Never forget it


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Wish I was there for the greatest sporting event in brawling Dope City's brief history since the Millionaires won the Stanley Cup.