9 April 2016

ZZ Top Rock the Steepleton Arena

Thursday night it was the ZZ Top hockey arena show in town. Crowd was wrecked before they got there and a fuck of a lot more wrecked when they left. Bar staff will only sell you two at a time and the line-ups were criminally long so those who planned on keeping the buzz they came with alive had to resort to buying people free drinks so they would buy an extra one for us.

Crowds for the old boys like ZZ Top are getting mighty close to the gates of rock 'n' roll heaven if you know what I mean. Pretty soon the floor seats will not need seats at all. We will just roll in with our fucking wheel chairs.

ZZ Top has two speeds: fucking slow and real fucking slow. Just about the right speed for their audience after all these years. We lapped all that slow shit up like it was still 1975.

"That was a fuck of a lot better than I expected," was how Sonja summed it up. Better than I expected too. Billy Gibbons knows his way around a guitar. Played everything you would expect them to and threw in "Foxy Lady" for good measure.

Long live dinosaur rock 'n' roll!

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