6 April 2016

Iggy Pop's "Post Pop Depression"

I have now spent enough time with Iggy Pop's new rock 'n' roll record to take a shot at reviewing it.

Iggy, like most rock 'n' rollers, has been ripping off other people's ideas for a living since he was living in his parent's trailer. His favourite artist to rip off is Lou Reed and that is his target again this time. Too bad for Iggy, Lou is no longer creating new shit for people to re-work.

It is a different sounding record which should be enough to lead you in the direction of which Lou Reed record Iggy is drawing upon this time. It is "Lulu."

I fucking love Lulu. Think it is the best rock 'n' roll record ever made. So of course I love this one too. I was not sure until I asked myself the question rock 'n' roll music fans should all ask themselves if they are unsure what to think of a record. Would they like to hear the record being played good and fucking loud at a party they just walked into?

The answer for me was, "Fuck yes. Turn the motherfucker up." Great motherfucking record it is. Not in any way comparable to the first few Stooges records. Like Lou's, Iggy's early records are pretty fucking hard to top.

Iggy for President. Fuck all that other noise.

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