24 April 2016

Face to Face With Anne Murray on the Stony Plain

Whenever I am someplace I have never been before I am sure to be found looking for shit in thrift stores. It is music I am looking for above all but a book will do if there is a good one on the shelf.

I left Manitoba happy because the day after the campaign, when I had 24 hours to kill waiting for my bush plane to take me to Winterpig and home, I had time to look through the town's two thrift stores for product. Neither, to my profound satisfaction, were affiliated to religious loons.

Only found one thing in the first store but it was a goodie. A pristine Anne Murray 8-track sparkling like a diamond in a case full of lesser country superstars. I looked at her picture on the cover! She is so drop dead gorgeous she is on the front cover of all her product. I read the titles of the songs. A lot of shit about L-U-V.

Spirits appropriately buoyed I made my way through the roof raising wind to my next stop. No records or books for me there either. But the joint had a half dozen cool CDs for me including a double CD set culled from the first 25 years of Stony Plain Records that I have wanted since I discovered how much I love one of their stable of artists - Ian Tyson. Mostly old-timey music. Simple as a Calgary Conservative; direct as an experienced sealer's hakapik. Got everybody on it from the aforementioned Tyson to Dutch Mason - just about every motherfucker a Canadian treasure. A first rate compilation it is. Well worth seeking out, if you know what I mean. I believe Dope City Free Press reader Paul Willcocks first suggested I add it to my collection. Some joints on the Internet may have more readers than me but none of them have better readers than you motherfuckers.


RossK said...

Whenever something good happens because of the internets I almost invariably, in the end, am forced to blame Mr. Willcocks.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When in doubt you are on safe ground to blame just about anyone from Victoria for just about everything.