26 April 2016

Afternoon Steepleton Scene

Passed by a bicycle accident today. Woman rider. Was not a bad one. Looked like she landed on her zygoma. What assistance she needed from the public had already arrived. All this I observed as I waited for red light to turn green.

When the light turned green the person driving the car at the head of the line was too busy rubbernecking the scene to proceed through the intersection. Naturally some asshole in an suv honked his horn good, loud and long to get the rubbernecker moving. This pissed off the woman who had been knocked off her bicycle.

"Fuck off!" she screamed loud enough to be heard over The Ace of Spades.

I laughed the laugh of the demented big city man I am as I hit the gas and left the scene behind. Did not see or hear shit like that in motherfucking Manitoba. Come to think of it I did not even see one person on a bicycle there. Not one. Imagine that, followers of mayor Moonbeam.

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