7 March 2016

Canada's Prime Minister on 60 Minutes

Took a shower after dinner. When I got out the 60 Minutes interview with Canada's fucking Prime Minister was half over.

"I told you his fucking wife would be on too!" I hollered from the open bathroom door.

"Shhhh!" Sonja hissed at my disrespectful interruption.

"Have they showed the fuck in the ring yet?" I added at my own risk.

"I said shut up!" Sonja said while she considered throwing one of our many remote controls at me. If we still had such thing as the TV Guide I would have been ready for it to be launched in my general direction.

I sat down and shut up. Pretty soon Trudeau was in the gym where everybody knows him by his first name. If his favourite lake was not covered by a foot of ice there would have been footage of him canoeing in mysterious mist. I was going to say something further but I was choking on my own vomit.

If Stephen Harper was not such a motherfucking cunt the new asshole would still be just another Montreal pipsqueak no one would recognize in a police lineup if not for his dad.


ron wilton said...

Sonja was right Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sonja is always right. Trouble is, as she'd tell you, I don't fucking listen as good as I should.