24 February 2016


I am back to my old self. Twelve days of grief. I was beginning to get worried about myself. I do not know if there is anything to it but I remember hearing somewhere that if you are still grieving a death after two weeks you are probably fucked up and should go see a doctor.

I made an appointment to go see the doctor anyhow. A man can never have too many pills.

Sonja says, "We'll get another dog."

"I know," I told her.

"But not for a while yet," Sonja said, putting her foot down.

The house is too quiet without a dog. Too clean too.

"It is too soon," I agreed.

One day in the future we will have an argument about what name the new dog should be given. After I named our first dog Strangler Sonja likes to have quite a bit of input into our dog's name.


sassy said...

Grief, we don't get over it, we go through it.

Glad you're back.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanx Sass.