25 February 2016

A Tasteless Look at Some News I had Hitherto Ignored

There is so much news you have to ignore some of it. Go batty otherwise you will. Donald Trump news alone has already driven millions of people insane.

Today a story I had paid no attention to finally got me. Story about the Ontarian who drunkenly smashed his car into another causing the sudden deaths of a few children and their grandfather.

Happens so often you know.

What finally got me to pay attention was that I learned the drunk dude was a rich fucker. Real rich fucker. Private plane type.

I hate rich fucker private plane types.

Not known for doing time without incident if you get my drift. Ask Bernie Madoff.

Mom and dad should fucking cheer up. Their two weeks of grieving was up a long time ago. No matter how bad an experience is, at the end of the day it is life and life only. Time to get back at it I would say.

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