14 January 2016

Rockin' Grocery Store

Like most the old fuckers around here I miss the hard winters we used to get most years right here in Dope City. Not this year though. Another mild winter is just what my old dog the Hammer needed. Even as the sun set this afternoon it remained sort of warm (warm enough to leave my coat's zipper undone) and there was not enough wind to bend the dead tall grass still standing where we walked.

Warm enough to roll down the window and let Hammer stick her big head out and have a good smell of all the farm shit around us. If she had another life before the one she has spent with Sonja and I it was surely the life of a bad ass ass crack smelling biker.

Soon enough I was walking through the grocery store. Minding my fucking business. Dog tired. Waiting in the car for me.

There were other people there. Working people. I spoke to no one. No one spoke to me. Except for a construction worker who said, "Thanks," when I got out the fucking way of the hamburger buns he had his hungry winter worker's eye on.

I was just about heading to the cashier when I heard it. David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" being played by the store's disc jockey. From my favourite record of his. The one he made when the drugs he enjoyed were getting to him some.

It was fucking beautiful tonight on the trail and in the rockin' grocery store.

Fucking beautiful.

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