15 January 2016

Bad Magic - Motorhead's Best Album

I have listened to Motorhead's "Bad Magic," their final album, enough times now to have a couple things to say about it that need being said.

Firstly, if you have not listened to a rock 'n' roll love letter for a while you ought to have a listen to the whole fucking thing. It is a love letter to the band's fans from Lemmy. If that is not good enough for you, well you can fuck right off.

Secondly, Lemmy had one fuck of a sense of humour. I am pretty sure the songs on the record are sequenced backwards to what surely is the obvious way they ought to be played. If you have a programmable CD player sequence them back to front and see if you agree. Or do what I did and record them on to a cassette in the proper order.

Thirdly, it is Motorhead's best record. By far. Thanks guys.

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