8 January 2016

Hammer Update

The Hammer is still our sweetie dog. She is not real well and she is a good decade older than me (if you believe in the concept of dog years) so I have a pretty good idea about how she is feeling. Lucky for her she has not spilled motorcycles, got half killed in car crashes or half drank herself to death. I deserve to feel like shit; she does not.

I think she is having trouble sleeping because she wakes me up several times a night. I have gotten used to that. Pet her. Sometimes let her out into cemetery quiet of the Steepleton night. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water. Go back to sleep.

Sometimes she shits in the house. Good solid easy to clean up shit. Smells the same as a steaming wet shit though. Like disco.

We understand. We love her. She can shit wherever the fuck she wants.

Watch your step if you come visiting however.

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