6 January 2016


Sonja was on me, like she is every year once Christmas is over and done with.

"You making any money doing that?" she enquired.

I was watching football and playing the horses. I do not bet football generally so it was how I was doing with the horses Sonja was interested in.

"I've been doing ok," I answered. "Nothing huge lately or you would have heard about it."

"I want to pay off the fucking credit card," Sonja said, getting to the point.

Next race I bet on got under way just then. 25-1 shooter comes in first. On the lead the whole distance required of him. Had him in the trifecta too. I showed the numbers to Sonja and asked, "Will that do?"

Boxcars, is what she saw, motherfuckers.

Fucking rights it did. Life does not get much kinder for the horseplayer than that.

Do not try this at home (without practicing lots first).

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