20 January 2016

Bi-election Breakdown

Campaigning for Joe over in Big Bucks Coquitlam. More people than you would think would like to vote Green but they will not do it because they think the Greens cannot win. It is like getting your neighbours into having twice a month BDSM parties. Nobody wants to until they figure the sexy couple at the bottom of the street and the pastor and his wife at the other end of the street are already in the club.

People like Joe. If he had taken another crack at an NDP nomination he just might have got elected. Expecting his numbers to be as good or better as any Green has racked up around Dope City ever.

Last night I was way up the fucking hill where the city turns into mountains kind of like where I live. Visited over 75 million worth of real estate. Mostly Liberal fuckers. About a third of them just about heaved when I mentioned Christy Clark's name. If I was a Liberal I would be doing what I could to get her out before the general election next year.

It was dark up that hill. Dark and peaceful. Ran into the black bear I was warned had not gone into hibernation. The bear looked at me. I looked at the bear.

He went up the hill.

I went down.

Fucking bears.

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