1 December 2015

Me and Elvis On the Beach

I always liked Elvis.


Well into his autobiography. Old boy likes to jump all over space and time when he writes so it is just the book to read on peyote, behind shades, with the sky blue Pacific pulsing arteriorly onto the beach close by and a cold one even closer.

I do not have all his records. Only most of them. Just may have to rectify that.

Saw him and the Attractions just the once. Pacific Colosseum. Memory tells me the Battered Wives opened the show. (Whatever happened to those fuckers?) Elvis and his band fucking rocked. A long time before "Pump It Up" started getting played at hockey games nearly as often as "Blitzkreig Bop." One of the better non-hardcore rock shows I ever attended.

I am guessing he is not going to write about how great of a fuck his wife is. Not that he needs to. Diana is Canadian. Best fucking women on Earth.

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