28 November 2015

Shining and Pulsing

By the time you read this
Its Guns,
Bibles and

Will be far below us
Shining and Pulsing
Like Taylor Swift's tits.

Sonja and I
Will be
On our
Way to Mexico.

Prefer Mexico to America we do.
Mexicans are like us.
We have found Americans like us
But it seems they all end up murdered and forgotten.

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thefog17 said...

On our first trip to Mexico my wife and I are sitting at the lobby bar having a cerveza. Some snotty British woman came and demanded a drink and the bartender told her he could not serve her since it was after closing. She went off on him making it sound like he was supposed to be her servant and obey her every command. He wouldn't budge and she left in a raging fit. Jose then turned to us and said "another drink amigos?"
Just like Santa, he knew who was an asshole and who was nice!