23 September 2015

The Right To Be Wild

Here in British Columbia, when we are not spending all our fucking money in Nordstrom's, we like forming opinions about everything and everyone. It is, or at least we think it is, important to know who is not going to try and who is going to try and fuck us and we are always trying fuck one another around here.

Our provincial motto ought to be "Fucking One Another Since 1871."

This week it is our province's fucked up wolf extermination programme everyone is weighing in on. Some people think it is ok to shoot wolves from helicopters the way Americans once shot Vietnam Cong. Others think the practice is fucked up.

One of the people who think killing wolves from helicopters is fucked up is Molly Cyrus. I have long admired the young woman. She seems like an ideal neighbour. Seems like we may be on the same page on many issues.

Our Premier Christy Clark thinks Molly Cyrus is a bitch. She thinks killing wolves from helicopters is the right thing to do.

Fuck you Christy. You do not know shit.

I love you Molly. Wolves have the right to be wild. Just like us humans do.


ron wilton said...

I love Molly too, but I love Miley more.

Anonymous said...

it's Miley, though i'm sure Molly is a good person too

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Miley is more of a Molly if you ask me. Good golly Miss Molly!