2 August 2015

Powell Street Festival 2015

Made the Powell Street Festival for the first time yesterday. Dope City has so many fucking festivals it is hard to keep up. Moreover, there are so many motherfucking festivals going on all over the place the word festival has become an empty one.

It is worth asking who benefits from all these god damn festivals anyway. I am beginning to think the prime beneficiary of festivals are the companies who bring in the portable shitters and the chemical companies that provide the blue water for your shit to splash into.

That is my Sunday bitch. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Fact is Sonja, Kitty, Hunky, and I enjoyed the festival very much. If you have time Sunday you should drop by. Good food, good music, lots of crafts. Only thing missing we would have liked to see was a beer garden. Japs like their beer too on a hot day, don't they?

I bought an Asahi baseball cap; Sonja bought some pale purple beads; Kitty bought some fun crap for her grandchildren; Hunky ate several servings of Spam and rice, a Japanese delicacy apparently.

There was a booth there asking for community input on how old Japantown might be commemorated in perpetuity in some small yet meaningful way. I suggested they install a 50 foot tall Godzilla that would roar and shoot flames out of its mouth every hour on the hour on top of one of the old buildings that give the area and the rest of Dope City what little is left of its once abundant charm.

Since we parked in Gastown we got to enjoy its faded charm as well as we made our way back and forth from the car. Not the head shops and cool shit capital of Western Canada it once was. Told a couple pairs of tourists looking for the park the Powell Street Festival was being held at that they would find it at the end of the alley behind the Carnegie Centre.

Got beer in the Tramplighter. A lot of people around us seemed to be getting their food orders fucked up and the pretty waitresses did not seem too happy with what was going on behind the scenes there. I am guessing the owner and or manager of the place is a real cunt. If anybody who reads this is a regular there they ought to have an impolite word with the fucker. He was probably lazing around on his boat in the Okanagon yesterday.

Met people from Ontario and Wales. Had a great chat with them all. People from Dope City are a lot nicer than people from around here. By the time we headed home I was beginning to wish I had not sent the other tourists on a tour of Ground Zero. We will never see those motherfuckers again.

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