28 June 2015

Welcome to 1984

Do not make many predictions here besides the annual easy announcement that the Dope City Canucks will not win the Stanley Cup. When the DCFP makes a prediction we like to be 100% sure we are right. So pay fucking attention.

There will be a momentous attack on Canada before October 19th. The attack will almost surely come courtesy of Canada's now officially out of control Orwellian police/surveillance/provocateur agencies. Those motherfuckers want Harper and his shithead buddies to stay in power more than anybody and they like to think they can scare this once brave country into line.

That is what C-51 is all about, motherfuckers. Scaring the shit out of Canadians. Get fucking used to it.

Some people will scared into silence too. As for the DCFP we are not backing down.



Kim said...

I'm in complete agreement with your predictions Beer, and I'll see your false flag and raise you a huge financial crash on top of that.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

CSIS is probably working on a laser to destroy Trudeau's hair and Mulcair's beard too.