24 May 2015

Scrabble Loser

Appetizers. Drinks. Dinner. Wine. Dessert. Liqueurs.

My life is much like my parent's.

The first half of the evening had gone so well. Hunky Z and Kitty make great dinner pals.

"Any more wine where that came from Beer?"

Then, it was decided, a game of Scrabble was up.

Hunky cleaned our clocks. He plays Scrabble every day. On an electronic device in the Jamaican-Ukrainian Scrabble League.

Seems to be working out for him.

Every day I get further and further behind all you computer motherfuckers. So far behind, yet so far ahead.

I do not care. It is not like I play Scrabble for money. I do, however, feel a nostalgic for the days there was not a Jamaican-Ukrainian on the planet I could  not out-Scrabble unaided by computer technology.

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