3 April 2015

We Got A Fight

Numbers do not fucking lie.

People like it best when I write directly about political matters. Too bad for them the Dope City Free Press mostly addresses political matters indirectly. This is, as ought to long be clear by now, a purposeful choice on my part.

I believe, for instance, we have all read so much about homelessness, we must surely be numb to the direct political message of the information that circulates and recirculates about The Situation. Better, I think, to write about my dog eating homeless peoples' shit in the woods near my place. Rather than presenting and representing the Homeless Count I think it better to assist you to taste the taste and smell the smell homelessness brings to our neighbourhoods.

The underlying direct political message, I hope, is all the more clear. Homelessness is a product of Capital, the rich, their courtesans and their teeming sycophants and it will not end until we Make Them stop it or stop them.


ib said...

Fuck the numbers.

Web Logging - the very act of addressing the saw, and keeping it smoothly running - is all too often a lonely business these days. I for one favour the indirect approach. Keep it coming.

Since the Feds tore off the wheels, I have almost moved away from writing about music entirely. I have no idea how old time regulars on the bleachers genuinely feel about that. From the comments I get - more precisely the lack of them - it would seem I have alienated most of them. Ah well. So be it. Better, I believe too, to follow one's own nose in the long run. The practice of leaving a comment is more tiresome than striking a "Like" button with one's tiny cursor.

I miss our brother Jon. That circle we got going for a while, the energies bouncing back and forth. A bit like Punk Rock. Forgive my waxing nostalgic.

Keep on keeping on.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some people change, others move on, if you will allow me a Neil Young moment.

As this concerns The Shot, as it is known in these parts, while I have always liked your music writing, I have long preferred the writing you do about your neighbourhood. Not many people do this, nevermind do it well.

I miss everybody who used to comment here or now only seldom do so. That is the internet for you. Everybody is a surfin' bird looking and often finding a new wave to ride.

As concerns the DCFP, I am looking forward to its 10th anniversary which I shall mark near year's end. Like punk rock I too shall never die, never die!

(until I must)

Danneau said...

Not that anyone should particularly care, but I've discovered a glitch in my system that prevents comments. I think I've found a workaround. I have consistently enjoyed all the content here, especially against the backdrop of the attitude that ignites and informs the writing. I share your stuff around to those who have the requisite sense of humour and whose ears don't burn all that easily. Too bad for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, man.