3 April 2015

Steepleton Famosa

We have a Famosa here in Steepleton. It is over at the High As A Kite shopping mall. More popular than Jesus it is. Sonja likes their pizza, salad, soup and wine.

I like their beer.

It was noisier than the Syrian war there tonight. Babies shrieking, everybody else talking like they were trying to be heard above Motörhead in all their Kerrisdale glory. Except it was not Motörhead everybody was trying to out-decibel - it was just the usual modern dance hooey we have been killed to death with for longer than I care to remember.

If this had happened in a plane, instead of Famosa's, and I were a pilot, not just a sawmill worker starting his long weekend with a few beer, I would have flown my plane into the fucking Alps. Once I had finished my beer.

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