7 April 2015

On Popular Culture

What endures in popular culture is hard to get a handle on. As a record collector I cannot help but notice what does or does not continue to find favour with my fellow audiophiles.

You see one fuck of a lot more Bill Cosby records than you used to on the old record shelves. The Cos is no longer enduring with the people for some reason. If I put one of my old Cosby records on at a party it just might get flung out a window.

The premier of my province recently tweeted or some fucking thing about proudly purchasing a used Rolf Harris record. Word somehow had not reached the premier that Harris is doing time for not keeping his didgeridoo in his pants around the children. His cultural popularity apparently only endures with the extremely dim witted.

Michael Jackson continues to endure in the popular culture. Being a total fuck up seems to help maintain one's position in popular culture even when it looks like there is not a jail evil enough to deprive you of your liberty. I could put on a Michael Jackson record at a party and people would dance.

Moon dance, motherfuckers.


motorcycleguy said...

"Being a total fuck up seems to help maintain one's position in popular culture"

odd how that comnent appears in almost the same paragraph as "The premier of my province"

or not

ib said...

Rolf was more than a tad suspect, I always felt. That beard. The overbearing glasses magnifying - as they do - the very windows to the soul. Add to the whole all that huffing and puffing while he went about stirring his paint with a great stick to decorate the walls with, and we already have something approaching the monstrous. It was bound to end badly.

Gary Glitter, I notice, you failed to mention. Stacked heels chant beats Moonwalking, hands down. No defence here. I just refuse to surrender my vinyl to the proper authorities.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Glitter, like Cosby, created some great art in his day. If his music had not become popular in hockey rinks, one of the few public places you still hear rock 'n' roll any more, most people on my continent would not know Glitter from Prince Andrew. You do not hear him in hockey rinks any more however.