5 April 2015

Four Strong Winds

Thinking on Ian Tyson got me looking at YouTube. Watched him sing some there. Watched him telling stories too. Turned Bob Dylan on to pot the story goes. Us B.C. Boys are some bad ass motherfuckers I tell you.

Got to watching more You Tube than ever it turns out. Prefer music, generally speaking, in my ears I do. Watched Neil Young singing "Four Strong Winds" with Willie Nelson on a long ago Farm Aid stage. Forgot what a nimble player Willie is.

That led me to de-shelving Young's "Comes A Time" and spinning it on my record player. It is the record, more than any other, that kept me in touch with other music than blood and guts punk rock in the late '70s. Hard to believe I made room for this mellow shit at this time of my life now I look back on it - except for its brilliance.

Listen to anything rock 'n' roll radio would not fucking play in 1978 followed by this one and you will know what I mean.
Drank my coffee as I listened. Rocking in my rocking chair. Sonja sang along to "Lotta Love" as she pet the Hammer laying in the window sun.

Last song on the record is "Four Strong Winds." Young putting it on the record put enough money in Tyson's Wrangler back pocket to put a down payment on his Longview, Alberta ranch.

Like stories like that I do. Neil's generousity. Tyson's generousity. Got us some spirit in this country we do. Some spirit that ain't ever going to die.

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