19 April 2015

At the Drive-in

Drive-in last night. The Dashlight in nearby Cowtippinville. Earliest in the year Sonja, the Hammer and I have paid admission to a drive-in in our lives. People reckon global warming has had a positive effect 'round here. Wait until half the province burns to the ground later this summer.

Were not many people there despite the summery weather. The people will come later. The drive-in is still very much a well chosen part of a lot of people's lives in the summer months. If you have not been or have not been in a while you might want to think about what a night out under the stars and the marquee moon watching movies would do for you.

People like seeing the Hammer at the drive in as much as they do anywhere.

"She's so big!"

"She's so soft!"

"She won't bite, will she?"

It is like I have Tom Mulcair for a pet.

As we waited for the movies to start and the mushrooms to kick in we listened to Randy Bachman's radio show. Best song he played was something by Rare Earth. Do not have records by them. Have to fix that.

"Divergent" was first. It was shit. Action movies all get two shits up these days.

Sonja and I cuddled in the back seat. The Hammer watched the movie from up front in the driver's seat, keeping one eye on the hooky wooky going on in the back.

"Get Hard" was next. Funnier than Stephen Harper falling off a stage it is.

We left before "American Sniper" came on. We are not Devil Worshippers after all.


RossK said...

Always good to have Tommy the M. upfront in the shotgun seat just in case any coalitionists and/or condiment salesmen start tapping on the windows when the plots begin to thicken.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Like most places in or within 20,000 miles of Dope City the only condiments ever offered through car windows at the local drive-in come in wee sandwich bags which promise, and probably can, cure every ill you might conceivably come down with except not being able to afford to live in the city itself.