31 March 2015

Yet Another Homeless Neighbour

There were no homeless fuckers living in the nearby woods so the past couple months I have re-blazed the old trails that used to curve around the creek, the trees and the deadfall. Peaceful in the woods it is.



The lonesome whistle of faraway trains.

There is one thing we all know about  peace though. It never fucking lasts.

Homeless fucker moved into the woods while I was away at work. Guess he had not yet took a shit near his makeshift shelter because the Hammer sniffed long and hard to find some to eat and roll in and came up empty. That will not last. If I keep going down to the woods with my dog sooner or later she will have back her homeless shit eating grin and be wearing her favourite brown perfume.

We did not have homeless people in the woods around here until the filthy rich and their dick sucking whores paved the way for that asshole Gordon Campbell to become our fucking leader. Could not fuck over the poor fast enough once he got in and shit has not changed since the idiot who replaced him put a new face on his pigfuck of government.

There is only one way out of homelessness being the defining measure of our communities: we are all going to have start caring for one another and begin providing meaningful work for everybody. In other words there is no end in sight.

Ah well. The dog is happy. She wants to know if we can go for a walk in woods to visit her friends whose shit tastes mighty fine, mighty fine indeed.

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