18 March 2015

To the Sawmill With the Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

This morning, as I made my way along Dope City Way to the sawmill which had failed once again to burn down in the night, I listened to the Sex Pistols' "Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle." Beat the be-fucking-jesus out of listening to the reports of car accidents and skytrain malfunctioning that usually just barely keeps me from falling asleep at the wheel in the morning.

Took me back that Sex Pistols record did.

I first heard it more than 35 years ago. My old buddy The Lodger brought it newly released with him when he visited Canada in the late winter of '79. The Lodger was a big Sid Vicious man. As were many otherwise quite normal people in those days.

Sidney this. Sidney that. Did you see Sidney on the telly last night? Fucking brilliant Sid is. Bleeding genius. Fucking cunt too he is.

I was still too torn up about the Sex Pistols and the Avengers packing it in to appreciate the humour of The Swindle, as it became known. Luckily it was just a matter of days before I would get taped back together again when The Lodger joined my hood buddies and I at our first DOA hall show.

"That Shithead and his band are like three big lumberjack Sids," was how The Lodger summed up Dope City's young contribution to our needful world's rebel culture.

The one song, which DOA too once played live, I keep coming back to from the Swindle is "Belsen Was a Gas."

Be a man. Kill yourself.


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