17 March 2015

Our Government and Its Plan To Turn Canada Into the Place We All Once Ran Screaming From

Canada is a country populated, for the most part, by people who fled police states. Someone in the family said, "Let's go to fucking Canada. It'll be cold as fuck but we'll be free at least," and off they went.

Now the shits who run this country have decided it is our turn to be a police state. Got a bill on a desk in Ottawa proposing to turn us into what we all ran away from. A police state with our very own RCMSS.

I have news for you and our government that might just be of interest. Just about every one of those police states our forebears or we ourselves ran from has itself been overthrown because the people could not stand it and burned it down. Some of those places have become and stayed better places once the rebellion or revolution was done. Some of them became a fuck of a lot worse.

I do not need to tell you who's who.

Point is, by making Canada into a police state our present government is guaranteeing this country will one day be turned into something much more free than they could possibly imagine or something much worse than they could possibly imagine.

Some place very much like the place we once ran screaming from.

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G West said...

Thanks Beer. Well and succinctly put..